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The Investment

What Makes Our Franchise Special

From the moment you walk in to the moment you leave, we deliver an experience like no other salon. Designed with a children-centered layout, all Chiquicuts Salons feature a fun atmosphere rich in color, child-appropriate decor, kiddie furniture, and fairy tale-themed equipment without neglecting to consider both safety and comfort as key elements.

Each of our styling station is ergonomically suited for children, with smaller hair styling equipment and a staff of stylists who are trained to work with kids. Free mechanical rides, video games, and a small movie theater are also part of our entertainment amenities, and a souvenir toy is always given at the end of each service session.

The Cost to Own a Chiquicuts Kids Hair Salon

A typical Chiquicuts Salon mainly consists of a centre area, which is approximately 1500 square feet and is divided for the following functions:

  • Area for haircuts and other specialty services
  • Private Party Room
  • Administration Area
  • Waiting Area
  • Administration Area
  • Facilities such as washrooms and shampoo sinks
  • Storage Space

Depending on the physical size and current condition of a location's premises, an estimated investment required for setting up a typical 1500-square feet salon ranges anywhere from $160,000 to $210,000 (CND). This amount already includes the initial franchise fee of $25,000 CND along with expenses related to construction, equipment, legal and accounting cost, grand opening advertising, and other miscellaneous start-up cost.

A franchise candidate will be required to invest a minimum of $25,000 CND in unencumbered personal cash, with the balance financed by the financial lender of their choice. Royalties are based upon an expected revenue model, which approximately translates into:

Chiquicuts Kids Hair Salon Franchise
Franchise Fee: $25.000 - Included on the start-up cost
Royalties: 5% of total revenue at full capacity, paid monthly (for the first 3 years).
6% of total revenue at full capacity, paid monthly (afterwards).
Add and marketing fee: 2% for ongoing marketing.
Start-up cost:
  • Option A: Chiquicuts Kids Hair Salon Deluxe - Includes salon and party hosting services :$160K - $210K
  • Option B: Chiquicuts Kids Hair Salon Express - Includes salon services: $95K to $120
Training: Yes, Included on the franchise fee
Required staff for Option 1
  • 8 Staff Total, (7 Stylist 1 Receptionist)
  • 2 Full time -(Manager and assistant manager), 
  • 6 Part-time -(5 Stylist and 1 Receptionist)
  • 1 Part-time - (Party coordinator)
Required staff For Option 2
  • 6 Staff Total, (6 Stylist 1 Receptionist)
  • 2 Full time -(Manager and assistant manager), 
  • 4 Part-time -(3 Stylist and 1 Receptionist)
In Business since: 2009
CFA member since: 2015
Available Territories:  USA, Canada, Internantional
Franchise Units: 1 Corporate
Average location size: 1500 sqf or 800 sqf for Chiquicuts Express (Hair salon only)

The costs to open a Chiquicuts Kids Hair Salon franchise might vary depending on the local market conditions of the city in which you reside, lease rates and store size, level of debt, utilities and media advertising. 

The amount of working capital required depends upon the level of gross income the business achieves once open, the expenses it must cover to “break-even”, and other business decisions that vary from owner-to-owner. A critical success factor for your small business is having access to capital when you need it.

We have established minimum requirements for net worth and liquid assets for those who are applying for a Chiquicuts Kids Hair Salon franchise businesses for sale in Canada. Applicants should have net worth exceeding $200,000, including at least $50,000 in cash or liquid assets for Chiquicuts Express option, or $75,000 in cash for Chiquicuts Salon and Party hosting option  or liquid assets (non-retirement stocks and bonds, etc), and another $80,000 to $125,000 in assets to be used as collateral to obtain appropriate financing. Proof of financial net worth and assets will be required as you move forward in our franchise process.