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What We offer

At Chiquicuts Salon, we have taken out all the guesswork in opening a salon business exclusively for children. With the expertise of a professional management team along with the knowledge gained from years of experience running a children-only hair salon, we have created a simple, ready-to-use business model as well as an operation manual that will equip you with all the vital information you need to carry out the day-to-day operations and the support needed to replicate our franchise model.

Our franchisees are assisted in the following:

  • Initial opening process
  • Site selection guidelines and specifications
  • Floor plan design
  • Guidance in meeting with the Ministry of Health
  • Acquiring work licensing requirements
  • Detailed list of equipment and supplies required for each location
  • Preferred vendors list
  • A six month step-by-step checklist leading up to the opening date
  • Grand opening marketing plan
  • Owner and staff one-on-one mentoring with our regional manager during opening week on all aspects of the business to ensure a successful start

For continued success, ongoing support is also provided:

  • Detailed operations and employee manual
  • Marketing support through our in-house design studio
  • Available training on any new equipment or software
  • Complete web-based software for functions related to human resources, finances, administration, and daily operations
  • Newsletter publications
  • Meetings and a toll-free phone line
  • Purchasing cooperatives

To stay at a competitive edge, our franchisees also get added marketing support:

  • Co-op advertising
  • Regional and national advertising program

Franchise Training structure: Our training program guides franchisees through every aspect of operating their own salon; each region has an operation director/staff trainer.

  • Franchisee training (3 weeks)
  • Staff training  (5 days)
  • Franchisee training - 2 Weeks at headquarters (Ottawa), 1 week on Location and ongoing web based training
  • Staff training – 5 Days on location and ongoing web based training.

On location staff training and salon launch. Previous to opening, staff is trained for 2 days on children approach methods, and the director and staff trainer will remain on premises for 3 more days for the location grand opening.

Ongoing web based training: Chiquicuts offers an ongoing online based training not just to support the franchisee but also to provide staff members with ongoing training. The on-line material includes, conflict resolution, client and staff management, software how to’s: Questions and answers as well as styling techniques videos and articles of interest.