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About our internet channel

Chiquicuts Corporation launched its internet channel on February 01, 2010 as part of it branding strategy.

We recognized that the internet provided a convenient vehicle to distribute instant branded entertainment through our future network of salons, so after some research the Nintendo Wii video game console was chosen to be the delivery vehicle for our ambitious project.

The new Chiquicuts internet channel will deliver educational games at no cost to its customers or future franchisees as part of its upcoming franchise program.

This vision would required not just a customized deliver method but the development of the educational entertainment content itself.

Chiquicuts corporation launched in July 2009, " Chii games" educational branded entertainment gaming label and under this label  7 simple games where developed to pioneer the concept.

Today, you can play this games at the salons and at home using your Wii video game console


How to access Chiquicuts Internet Channel

Now everyone in your family can play*. A simple point of the Wii Remote Plus™ controller brings our online channel videogames right to your living room. Plus-sized navigation buttons and a handy zoom feature makes playing a breeze—without even leaving your couch. 

You can download this channel for FREE from the Wii Shop Channel.

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The Start Page makes web searches and bookmarks easy to access from the get-go. Access everything with your Wii Remote thanks to an optimized browsing experience. 
Type with ease using an onscreen keyboard with predictive typing.

(This is a simulation of what you see on your Wii station)

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