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Chiquicuts exclusive limousine shuttle service

Arrive with your guest like a movie star to the party of your dreams, Chiquicuts offers through its partner Rolling Luxury inc, two exclusive deluxe transportation packages.

Options Detail
Option 1-Single trip Single location deluxe limousine pickup
Option 2-Round trip Pickup and return trip after the party to the pickup location


Single Trip
Option 1
Round Trip
Option 2
Amenities Tax Gratuity
Ottawa Central $110 $200 Non-Alcoholic Champagne Included 13% 15%
Kanata $125 $230 Non-Alcoholic Champagne Included 13% 15%
Barrhaven $125 $230 Non-Alcoholic Champagne Included 13% 15%
Orleans $125 $230 Non-Alcoholic Champagne Included 13% 15%
  • Adult supervision is required throughout the trip
  • The limos can accommodate up to nine passengers
  • On-board limo equipment includes CD, DVD players and flat screen Tvs, as well as IPOD connections.

For more information call: TEL 613-315-2505

  Diva Party
  Pop-Star Party
  Princess Party
  Hawaiian Party
  Pirate Party
  Superhero Party
 Ottawa Central, Single Trip - $110 (Plus HST & Gratuity)
  Kanata Single Trip - $125 (Plus HST & Gratuity)
  Barrhaven Single Trip - $125 (Plus HST & Gratuity)
  Orleans Single Trip - $125 (Plus HST & Gratuity)
  Ottawa Central, Round Trip - $200 (Plus HST & Gratuity)
  Kanata Round Trip - $230 (Plus HST & Gratuity)
  Barrhaven Round Trip - $230 (Plus HST & Gratuity)
  Orleans Round Trip - $230 (Plus HST & Gratuity)
  Credit Card
  E-mail Money Transfer

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  • Chiquicuts Kids Hair Salons, provide this on-line form as a courtesy and is free of charge to our guests and partner.
  • These services do not support financial transactions and no credit card is processed in your behalf. They are intended to facilitate the flow of information between you (the Client) and our supplier (our Partner).
  • Payment arrangements should be made directly with our party supplier (Roling Luxury) and Chiquicuts is exempted from any liability or responsibilities.