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Dear Entrepreneur,

THANK YOU for your interest in our franchise program and congratulations on taking your first step towards business ownership. Being a business owner can be quite liberating, as it offers a sense of fulfillment, flexibility, and is financially rewarding. As experienced business owners, we realize that success begins with selecting and handling a business within an industry that complements what you are passionate about, your abilities, as well as your financial capabilities.

The youth hair-styling industry is a largely untapped market that promises a lot of potential for aspiring entrepreneurs. By developing a step-by-step facilitation program, we are able to ease franchisees into the hair-styling business designed for a younger population. In addition, our careful screening process ensures that we only select those individuals who possess the drive, personality, work ethic, and the commitment required to be successful in running a children’s hair salon like Chiquicuts.  

At Chiquicuts, we have spent over eight years perfecting our business and operations model. Our remarkable success has been the toast of Ottawa and the company has been honored with the 2009 New Business of the Year Award, the 2010 Best Website Award, and nominated Business of the Year for 2011 and 2012. We have also been recognized by Today’s Parents, a well-established national parenting magazine, in their February 2013 issue as one of the best places in Canada to celebrate children’s birthday parties.

It is in this light that we invite you to learn more about the Chiquicuts Salon Franchise Program, and decide whether this is a business that meets your own personal desires, needs and circumstances. As you go through the decision-making process, some of the questions you might want to ask yourself include:

  • Would I love to work with children everyday?
  • Would I enjoy owning a business that benefits children and their families?
  • Am I able to work as a team member with a franchise program?
  • Do I have sufficient financial resources to put into this venture?
  • Am I committed to making this business a success in the long term?

Once you have had the chance to read what we have to offer and should you decide that Chiquicuts Salon would be a perfect fit, your next step would be to complete our Franchise Information Request Form. Upon receipt of your request, we will contact you to discuss the program in more detail along with an invitation to a free, no obligation consultation.

We hope that you will find this information both enlightening and inspiring. Enjoy your visit!


Nedelka Marin-Martinez
President and CEO
Chiquicuts Corporation

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