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  1. Please report your arrival at the reception so we make sure the stylist and the station are ready for you.
  2. Select the movie of his/her choice from our catalogue and let our receptionist or the stylist know which movie your child would like to watch while having the haircut.
  3. The stylist will introduce herself to your child and to yourself and conduct a consultation regarding how you would like your child's hair to be cut and styled, or the services you would like to receive.
  4. As  a safety precaution, we ask parents not to stand too close to the station to enable the stylist to freely circulate around the chair while doing the haircut, however, the stylist might ask your assistance if required.
  5. Your satisfaction is ours too, so we would ask for your approval before your child steps down from the station.



Haircut and style

A visit to the hair salon may be frightening to the little ones, but here at Chiquicuts Kids Hair Salon, we make sure that your children will not leave feeling the same way. The moment you enter the salon, our stylists will make sure that your child feels comfortable even before starting the actual haircut. You can then choose from a variety of our services, be it to trim the bangs, a regular haircut, or a combo package which includes a haircut, shampoo, and style. At the end of the visit, your child is rewarded with a toy from our treasure chest and a delicious lollipop. No other place will treat your little prince or princess like royalty!

Children with disabilities

We care about your children as much as we care about giving them a great haircut experience. As much as we love all children, we also make sure we pay special attention to children with special needs. To make the most of it, we recommend booking an appointment in advance. We are wheelchair accessible and can make accommodations to ensure your child is totally comfortable at all times.


Putting on make-up is always an exciting experience, and we make sure that your child gets pampered throughout the entire process. We provide make-up application packages for both special occasions and personal treats you might want to gift your children with.

Birthday parties

We believe that every birthday should be an experience your child will never forget. That's why we designed and stuffed our birthday packages with as much fun as we possibly can into the day. Our private parties include updos, mini manicures, make-up sessions, movies, games, and more magic than your child can ever imagine. Visit our birthday party section and make a special day truly unforgettable

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Baby's first haircut

We know that your child's first haircut only happens once-in-a-lifetime, and we understand what that means to you and your child. To celebrate this special moment, we award your child with an 8.5 x 11" Chiquicuts Kids Hair Salon Bravery Diploma along with a lock of hair safely placed in a souvenir box to take home. Feel free to bring your camera and be sure to capture this precious moment.

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Makeovers styling session

Want to give your child a fresh, new look? Let us help you make your child's day! We will book an extended appointment with our top stylist to give your child the best look he or she has always wanted. Whatever the look, we can make it happen.

Special occasions

Events are constantly just around the corner: Be it first communions, school programs, weddings, or what-have-you. To make it even more special, bring your child to get pampered and occasion-ready. Our packages include a variety of specialty services from mini manicures to hair updos to make-up applications.