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The first haircut

We know that your child's first haircut only happens once-in-a-lifetime,
and we understand what that means to you and your child.

To celebrate this special moment, we award your child with an 8.5 x 11" Chiquicuts Kids Hair Salon Bravery Diploma along with a lock of hair safely placed in a souvenir box to take home. Feel free to bring your camera and be sure to capture this precious moment.


Helpful tips for your child first haircut


firs_haircut.png   If you can drop by the salon and let your child tour the place and play for a little while, once they are familiar with the environment it will be easy for them the next time.

Don't tell your child he'll be getting a “cut”, that sounds painful. Instead, “say soon we'll take you for a hair trim,’” (Call scissors “shears” to reduce the fear factor.)

Time the trim right. Schedule it for soon after (but never right before) a nap or a meal.

Play “haircut” at home. Set your child on a chair in front of a mirror and pin a towel around his shoulders for added effect. Gently spray his hair with water, explaining, “This is what the person at Chiquicuts might do to wet your hair.”

Pick a movie of your child's choice from our inventory, so he or she is entertained while the haircut is in progress.

A great gift idea for an special and memorable day!

Chiquicuts gift cards are the perfect gift for friends.  Treat their children to a haircut, hair updo, or even a complete package. This isn’t just another gift card, it’s an experience!.

Gift cards can be purchased in the amount of your choice.