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The good things can only keep coming, and here is a strong and solid list of perks and benefits you can avail of from the Chiquicuts Salon franchise model: 

1. Minimal Competition for Maximum Profit

  • Operating within a unique territory and a largely untapped market, youth hairstyling is a growing industry, with the value of children's hair care estimated at $5 billion annually and this number is continuously increasing.
  • Although there are many places that will offer to cut a child's hair, Chiquicuts Salon speaks of exclusivity in terms of experience and approach resulting in a strong demand and high satisfaction from our main clients-the children.

2. Constant Demand for Business

  • This business venture is recession-resistant: Everyone gets a haircut, regardless of the condition of the economy.
  • According to Entrepreneur Magazine, "Franchising trends may come and go, but kids' specialty services remain constant."
  • Such a variety of specialty services allow much room for business creativity, creating multiple revenue streams.

3. Convenient Model Replication

  • With an established model, franchisees are able to operate within a defined business format, offering a product or service that has proven to sell successfully, avoiding the unnecessary trial-and-error period involved in starting an otherwise completely new and independent business, making it more stable and cost effective.
  • Taking advantage of the selling power of a known brand leads to better marketing results and customer loyalty, as well as gaining access to accumulated business experience and technical know-how in managing the franchise.
  • A unified facility design leverages the business reputation in marketing the concept of a children-only, fairy tale themed salon, which makes Chiquicuts Salon stand out from all the other existing hairstyling salon franchise models.
  • While there is a strong demand for business, there is less pressure in terms of experience requirements: No retail and hair care industry experience is required, as relevant training and support will be provided, resulting in a significant reduction in the time needed to open and get the business up and running.
  • In addition, ongoing support is made possible by having a network of peers (fellow franchisees) who are willing to provide advice and moral support, along with training on updated software and business operation strategies, and receiving the latest developments and changes in both the local and national market from the franchisor.