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Our Business Model

Chiquicuts Salon offers more than just a regular franchise system-It places you in a position of advantage in a niche market operating within the haircutting and hairstyling industry. We know that in today's competitive and ever-changing business environment, a fully developed marketing package is needed to take an already established franchise to even greater heights.

With children as our exclusive set of clients, a customer is literally born everyday. For as long as hair grows, we are assured of continuous business growth, no matter what happens to the world's economy.

Our franchise opportunity would appeal to individuals who primarily loves kids, easily connects with people, possesses business acumen even with minimal retail sales and marketing background, and has a strong desire to succeed in the youth hairstyling industry. If you are looking for a fun and fast-paced opportunity for business, the Chiquicuts Salon Franchise Program is for you!


Innovation is our DNA

Keeping up with the global age of technology, Chiquicuts Salon consistently ensures its spot as a market leader in the industry by introducing a variety of technological innovations:

  • We created the first hair app salon in Canada, which can be downloaded through iTunes.
  • We have adopted an online, real-time booking system since day one.
  • We developed our own video game label called Chii games in order to provide branded entertainment at our salons.
  • We own a personal Wii video game channel for added entertainment.
  • We have also developed our own content delivery network called Chiquicuts TV, a system that enables stores to promote their global and local partners through a close TV network.
  • We are the first hair salon to embrace the use of radios to communicate among stylists.
  • Our party rooms are fully able to function as a disco room.
  • We provide Wi-Fi in all our salons.