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The Process

Our 8-Step Process guarantees to guide you towards the right path of possible business ownership in the youth hairstyling industry and ensures that you only make well-informed decisions:

Step 1 - Personal Analysis

Would owning and operating a Chiquicuts salon be the perfect opportunity for you? Carefully analyze business trends, talk to people you trust and, above all, be honest with yourself. Once you are comfortable and completely convinced that you are ready for this particular business venture, you can now move on with this exciting process.

Step 2 - Screening Questionnaire

Fill out and return your screening questionnaire along with a signed copy of the confidentiality agreement. This will help us begin to determine your aptitude for this field as well as assure us of your readiness in owning a Chiquicuts Salon.

Step 3 - Open Discussion

With all the materials in hand, you may now freely present and discuss your questions with us, along with any concerns you might have about our franchise model, system of operation, and other aspects of the business.

Step 4 -Discovery Day

To give you a clearer picture of what our day-to-day operations look like, we will provide a floor observation and analysis in our location headquarters in Ottawa. This includes observing both a weekend operation and a party operation.

Step 5 -Approval Process

At this point, all approval information are to be handed in along with other needed documents, which include a Criminal Record Check, a Credit Check, an official letter from the bank stating liquid assets and personal net worth, and references. This process also includes a designation of your business territory. 

Step 6 -Business Plan & Due Diligence

Before you fully start your Chiquicuts Salon franchise, we want you to really understand the community and the commitment it takes to be a successful business owner. Our developed business plan will help you further research your prospective location to ensure that it will be a good fit for a Chiquicuts Kids Hair Salon. 

Step 7 - Feedback and Analysis from Chiquicuts Corporation Headquarter for Final Approval

Here you will make only one out of three possible decisions:

  1. You will move forward in this partnership by signing a Disclosure document followed by a franchise agreement and payment of the franchise fee.
  2. You and/or Chiquicuts Salon will perform additional analysis to determine if this commitment is feasible for you in terms of financing, time requirements, or other obligations
  3. You may realize that this is not the right opportunity for you or that this is not the proper time for you to make such a commitment.

Step 8 - On Your Way

Congratulations are in order! At the beginning of your post deposit phase, our operation manager will create your facility's timeline in correlation with our franchise checklist (View reference bellow). You will be given a comprehensive manual designed to assist you in opening your own Chiquicuts Salon, including every single detail from pre-advertising to your grand opening. Your first week of operation will also be planned and executed with our support and assistance-In short, you are never alone in this process. Within 8 to 18 months, your new Chiquicuts salon will be completely operational and you will make the world a better place by making more children happy, one haircut at a time!

The timeline

It takes between 4 and 6 months to complete the steps to buy a franchise. Factors affecting the time to open include securing financing, selecting a location, availability of the location, negotiating a lease and setting up your salon. If you are self-financed and quickly find a suitable location, you could be opening your store more quickly.

  1. Complete and submit a franchise qualification form
  2. Determine eligibility through in person or phone interview
  3. Complete the expanded franchise application form
  4. Franchisor Disclosure and Franchise Agreement review
  5. Secure Franchise store by signing the Franchise Agreement and provide Franchise Fee payment
  6. Secure all financing and store lease
  7. Site design and construction
  8. Schedule and attend training in Ottawa, Ontario
  9. On location staff training
  10. Open your salon