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Who We Are

CHIQUICUTS SALON is a unique and promising niche market salon that focuses on servicing the youth hairstyling industry. Our market is composed of children whose age ranges from 6 months to pre-teens. Relevant to the needs of our clients, the strength of our salon lies in our specialized services in the areas of hairstyling as well as party hosting services.

We have built a strong brand and a name that speaks of fun and wonder. We have also created a one-of-a-kind formula for success in the business by offering quality services combined with entertainment.

From the moment our clients enter our salon to the moment they leave, the experience is nothing short of magical.


Our Vision

With the growth of the youth hairstyling industry in North America, we see Chiquicuts Salon as a business not only garnering success in Canada, but as well as in the USA and international market. We expect to become one of the fastest growing chains of kids' hair salons and eventually emerge as the market leader with invaluable brand equity.

Our unique formula of branded entertainment is a revolutionary concept that is transforming what used to be an ordinary and often unpleasant haircut experience into a fun-filled, child-centered adventure.

Our salon custom interiors feature a fairy tale theme, which includes mechanical rides, branded videogames, and disco party equipment. For many years to come, we see Chiquicuts Salon as a valuable part of every kid's childhood.