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Girls love to be pampered and at Chiquicuts we just happen to be experts at catering to their every need. Chiquicuts Spa parties are a trendy new concept in birthday parties. Imagine your little princess getting together with her friends celebrating her birthday as they have their hair styled, makeup and nails done, enjoy some treats and are entertained by our lively staff.


Here's what you can expect:

Friendly staff, ready to make the party perfect!

We love to see children smile. And we'll be ready for the party girl before her party even begins! A decorated birthday party table will be set up and our professional staff will be prepared to style hair and do manicures, coordinate activities and keep the party goers entertained from the moment they run through our doors until the party is over and you have the impossible task of getting them to leave!

We recommend arriving 15 minutes before the start of the party so you can greet your guests and we can get everyone organized to start on time. We don't want the birthday girl to miss a single minute of fun!


A lively atmosphere and great entertainment
We will provide music, games, movies and Wii stations to entertain your guests while they're in the salon. If you'd like to bring specific music or games, you are welcome to do so.


A stress-free, mess-free birthday celebration
We are in charge of after party clean-up so you can enjoy a stress-free day and can go home to a clean house! It's every parents' dream!


Here's what you should bring:
Cutlery, beverages, cake and snacks. We encourage you to bring a cooler to store your beverages or ice cream, but if needed, we will gladly allow you to use the small staff refrigerator.


Frequently Asked Questions
Q. Does Chiquicuts provide catering services?
A. Although we do not have the facilities to be preparing food in our salon, catering services are right next door! Pizza and Subs are easy choices and are available at neighboring restaurants. They are freshly made on the spot so you can always arrange to pop in or give them some advance notice so they can have your food ready when it's party time.

Q. Are gratuities included in the price of the package?
A. Needless to say, gratuities are optional. But there is no better way to let the people working on your party know that you were happy with their services and appreciated their efforts in serving your child and her guests.


Let us recommend our friends...
As a business catering to a very young clientele, we have formed some great business partnerships along the way. We'd like to share some ideas with you to make your party even better:

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What you need to know:

Adult supervision
It is Chiquicuts policy to have at least one adult from the hosting party present at all times while the party is taking place. We want to ensure the children are properly supervised and well behaved so that everyone enjoys themselves.

Your opinion matters
Before you leave the salon, we'd like you to complete a 5-minute survey rating our services and staff. This will help us to ensure that we are continuously offering the best service.

Last but not least

Have fun! Planning a Chiquicuts party should be as exciting as attending one! Your princess will have the time of her life and we want you to enjoy every minute of the process as well. Call us to book your Chiquicuts Spa Party today!